What We Do

At Values in Business we specialise in organisational development consulting focusing on delivering bespoke medium to long-term cultural transformation programmes for both commercial and non-profit organisations.

The way we do this is by providing joined-up programmes consisting of culture measurement and mapping, top team alignment, executive coaching and internal change-agent training.

Transformation is not something you can do to an organisation. It needs to be owned by everyone within it.” John Campbell

A major part of the added value we bring is to train, develop and support an internal change-agents team (sometimes known as the Cultural Navigators) up-skilling them with – among other things – the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) accreditation training.

We believe that role of an external consultant should be to develop internal capability and ownership, and not to maximise their income. Building and supporting a team of internal change-agents is critical to the success of any cultural transformation programme.