The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT)

According to Richard Barrett (Founder & Chairman, Barrett Values Centre), “What an organisation ‘stands for’ is as important today as the products or services that they provide“. Does your organisation know what it stands for? Would you like to discover it’s genuinely shared core values?

We use the powerful Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) Values Assessment toolkit developed by the Barrett Values Centre to help business leaders, human resource professionals and change agents develop and manage their organisation’s culture.

Available in more than 30 different languages, the Cultural Transformation Tools have been used in over 4,000 companies in over 50 different countries since 1997 to improve their performance by reducing cultural entropy (dysfunction), increasing employee engagement and improving revenue growth. The CTT Cultural Values Assessment provides a comprehensive organisational culture diagnostic by mapping employee’s personal values, and their perceptions of the current and desired culture values.

Organisations world-wide from large multi-nationals down to SME’s are now using CTT Cultural Values Assessments as the key element to building enduring companies that can survive and thrive in our uncertain world. They do this by building a strong adaptive and resilient values-driven core culture. For further details and to hear what CEO’s are saying about the Cultural Transformation Tools download our ‘Improving Your Business Through Values‘ brochure.

A relatively low-cost analytical tool to use, CTT provides great value for money in terms of the insight it provides into what’s happening in your organisation and – importantly – identifies the tailored developmental work that could take place in the future to enable your organisation to step up to the next level. It is also a very flexible tool and can be used to work with whole organisations or discrete teams, and also to support 1-2-1 executive coaching. For more details on the Cultural Transformation Tools download our CTT information brochure here.

See our CTT Training Information and CTT Training Dates & Prices pages for more details.