Vision, Mission & Core Values


To help our clients create and maintain successful and responsible businesses where staff and leaders feel motivated and inspired to deliver world-class products and services.


Delivering exceptional organisational development consultancy services focusing on culture measurement and mapping, top team alignment, executive coaching and internal change-agent training.

Core Values & Beliefs

  • Synergy….is a very powerful force integrating shared values, vision and purpose that creates a ‘sum which is greater than the constituent parts’, i.e. the sort of force required to move mountains…….
  • Service….leadership is fundamentally about being in service…….i.e. getting mountains moved for everyone else as well as for ourselves……
  • Sustainable Development…..moving mountains and, in doing so, leaving businesses, organisations, communities, nations and the world in better shape than when we first arrived on the scene…….
  • Partnership…..moving mountains with others…..