Open Resources

It’s our pleasure to be able to share a selection of resources focused around working with values in organizations – along with related topics.  Some of these resources come from the ‘My CTT’ private area on the Barrett Values Centre’s website, and those of you who are CTT trained will have access to these and many more.

Many of these .pdf documents also come in Word format.  If you’d like any of them in Word then do contact us, and – if we’re able – then we’ll forward them to you. We hope that you will find something here that will be helpful to you!

Cultural Transformation Tools Info

John Campbell and I have created a generic guide for the preparation, design and implementation process work required to ensure maximum engagement from a Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) initiative within a team or whole organisation. This guide is not yet the finished article, however, we feel that it is now ready for wider readership. (Any feedback you could provide us with would be greatly appreciated.) We hope that this guide will help ensure that people who are working within organisations are able to cover all the various possibilities within their CVA initiatives. Download the “CVA Prep, Design & Implementation Process” guide here.

Some time ago one of our CTT course participants asked if there was a one or two page leaflet that she could give to a client to explain what CTT is all about.  She challenged us to write one – so we did! Download it here.

Been looking for a basic values-based Leadership Self Assessment that you can use with your clients?  A much simplified version of the powerful 360 degree Leadership Values Assessment, here’s one that can be used to give someone a good idea of how values-based leadership differs from a competency approach.  Download it here.

Case Studies

Hewitt Associates have written a cracking report entitled “Engagement and Culture: Engaging Talent in Turbulent Times”. (Thanks to Ted Marusarz for granting permission). Download it here.

Here’s a case study of some of our own work entitled “XYZ College – A Cultural Transformation case study”. Download it here.

BVC Articles from ‘My CTT’

An article entitled “Leadership & Culture in the Investment Industry’ discussing how Jim Ware (author of ‘Investment Leadership’) has incorporated CTT in delivering cultural transformation. He say that “Barrett’s culture assessment (i.e. CTT) uses an elegantly simple process, yet offers great insight into the gaps between a company’s culture and those valued by its employees. It provides a baseline from which they can begin their cultural transformation journey”.  Download the complete article here.