Internal Change-Agent Training

“One of the best ways to safeguard and promote the culture of an organisation is to develop a cadre of internal cultural ambassadors who live the values and are passionate about the purpose and vision”. Richard Barrett

Chris Monk and John Campbell are both licensed Advanced Trainers with the Barrett Values Centre, and have taught hundreds of consultants and coaches how to use the Barrett Values Survey tools (known as the Cultural Transformation Tools). Both have advised on the selection and training of internal change-agent teams (sometimes known as Cultural Navigators), and have delivered in-house 4-day Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) courses.

Building an internal team in this way builds the organisation’s organic capability to develop, manage and sustain a shared culture. This programme will enable the team to independently run and subsequently work with the data from the powerful Barrett Values diagnostic surveys, thereby building the organisations capability to measure, manage and sustain a positive and joined up culture into the future.

Subsequently Chris and John have supported change-agent teams to run their own annual values surveys, interpret and feedback the survey results, and create implementation plans. In addition, we will work alongside this team to pass on our own deep experience in cultural transformation. This honours our own values of “Sustainable Development” and “Partnership”.