In-House/ Private CTT Courses

Chris Monk and John Campbell also run ‘in-house’ (or ‘private’) CTT accreditation courses for organisations that want to develop the capacity to measure their own values and culture. These ‘in-house’ courses have the advantage that the training can be tailored to your context and arranged on dates to suit your busy diary.

A number of organisations have now put into place a “Cultural Navigators” team who have all been trained to use the Cultural Transformation Tools. This is a key development and creates a critical capacity for any organisation that wants to manage its own values and culture.


Re-produced here by kind permission of Jennifer Flint, Group Assistant Director People, Isos Housing Group

We currently have two sets of values within our organisation after another (Housing) association joined us 18 months ago under the umbrella of the Group. We needed to develop one common set of values as the basis for shaping a consistent culture across the Group to support the new Strategic Plan and I was keen to use a methodology that would be credible and also inclusive. After a recommendation from a colleague I engaged Chris to work with us to use the Barrett Values Centre model. 

From the outset Chris was very generous with his time and worked from a place of deep personal integrity, very much focused on finding the best way to add value for our organisation in delivering a meaningful culture audit. 

After much discussion we decided to run the CTT training in-house with members of our OD and HR teams and to learn experientially using our live data. My intention was to develop our in-house capacity, equipping us with the skills and tools to meaningfully build a values-based culture, and to invest in some high quality personal development for key members of my People Team. 

Chris facilitated the training and did so not only with evident skill and knowledge, but with an ease and gentle wisdom that created a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment that really allowed people to open up. The litmus test for me was to see one of the team transition from being sceptical and questioning, to open and inspired by the end of the programme. 

We went away feeling confident with the tools and were quickly able to credibly deliver the results to our Exec Team and facilitate values workshops with cross sections of staff, using the outputs from the culture audit to create our new values. 

Chris is continuing to keep in touch to provide support and guidance in helping us to achieve our shared vision of ‘Inspiring the Creation of a Values-Driven Housing Association’ which we are really excited about.”

Contact us if you’re interested in finding out more about sponsoring an ‘in-house’ CTT course in your company.