Culture Measurement & Mapping

“What gets measured, gets managed” Peter Drucker

In any cultural transformation programme it is critical to engage with employees to define the starting point in the journey (i.e. the current culture) and the direction of travel (i.e. the desired culture). The goal to develop a shared set of core values and appropriate behaviours that will support the capability of the group to develop, manage and sustain a positive, shared culture building on the best of the previous culture, and learning from – and respecting – the past.

The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) have been used to measure and map the values and culture of tens of thousands of organisations across the globe since 1995. These tools are very insightful diagnostic surveys that enable leaders to effectively and efficiently measure and map their organisation’s values and culture through the wide engagement of all employees. They can be used to create a picture of an organisation’s culture (and sub-cultures) and, importantly, provide a language where none has previously existed to create dialogue around what’s important to staff and managers within teams and organisations (i.e. their values).

These powerful tools include a number of in-built indicators that will allow the annual mapping and measurement of impact across and down through the business. They make the invisible visible, the intangible tangible.