John Campbell

OD Consultant, Team & Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Advanced CTT Trainer

Core values: Cheerfulness; Non-Attachment; Sustainable Development.

John is an international consultant, facilitator and coach. His focus for more than 25 yearsJC has been on enabling individuals and teams develop their strengths, build resilience and deliver exceptional performance in purpose guided, values driven organisations.

He has a passion for celebrating what is good in the world and expressing the need to change what is not.  His book Ignition – creating a better world for our grandchildren discusses not only the need for a paradigm shift but also points to how this generation can start to hold the world in trust for their grandchildren, through truth, transparency, trust, compassion and renewal.

John’s consulting work focuses on purpose and values, organisational transformation and executive coaching with the aim of making a positive difference to the lives of those he comes into contact with.

His focus is on working in the boardroom with individuals and teams through diagnosis, challenge and support.  His business experience enables him to provide insight and yet leave ownership of action with the client.

25 years of leading organisational and individual change projects across the world gives John a wealth of experience to offer clients as they strive to build values driven, conscious capital focused organisations.